Help your child make the most of Spring Break 

Just as time off has been shown to improve work performance in adults, Spring Break provides a great opportunity for kids to decompress amid a busy school year. It’s also an opportunity for parents to empower their kids to use good judgment, a focus of the First Tee curriculum. 

“Whether you have a vacation planned or are staying home this spring break, there are plenty of opportunities for your child to make thoughtful decisions,” said Lexie Milford, senior director of programs technology and support at First Tee and mother to two boys. “For example, if you’re traveling, empower your kiddo to help pack the snacks. What choices are healthy? What is best for a car ride? What needs to be kept cold?” 

Ask your child to walk you through their decision-making process and follow up later to see if they’ll do anything different next time. You might have your child weigh in on different topics as they get older because using good judgment gets easier with practice. 

When it comes to making the most of Spring Break, it can also be beneficial to help your child set a few short-term goals, which can have a positive impact on their self-confidence. “Start with things they can control and take ownership around, like chores, reading or screen time,” Milford said. 

Maybe your child wants to clock a specific number of community service hours during Spring Break or complete a certain number of lessons on the First Tee app, for example. 

Of course, spring breaks can look different depending on your child’s age, interests and your own work obligations.  

“As a working parent, it’s hard to balance kids being home while work continues on,” acknowledged Milford. “Relying on your kid to entertain themselves – and being comfortable with however they choose to do that so long as it’s safe – can be unnerving sometimes. But taking the week to let your kid be a kid, make some of their own choices, and just enjoy the freedom of play can be an amazing experience for them to unwind from stresses of school.” 

Many First Tee chapters offer spring break programming. Learn more opportunities to enroll.