Player Perks Program

As we all socially distance ourselves to ensure the safety of those more vulnerable in our communities, we’ve identified a need within our organization to help young people find healthy, creative outlets to put their minds at ease during this time of uncertainty. We are introducing our Player Perks Program! Each week we will be introducing activities that participants can complete and earn points for prizes. Each participant, ages 5-18, can register to participate in our Player Perks Contest for FREE! Players will have the opportunity to earn points each week and must submit their proof of tasks/ work to [email protected] with their name and week of competition for the subject line (EX: Ben Smith 4.27.20-5.1.20) Points will be accumulated throughout the contest.  Register to participate HERE. Contest timeline is as follows:

Session:  Monday, April 27th - Sunday, May 31st

Winners at the end of the contest will get a gift card to their favorite, local Madison restaurant, gym, shop, etc. Selection must be a local business here in the Greater Madison area and not a chain, department store.

Prizes: Each winner will get ultimate bragging rights and a spotlight feature on our social media.  All participants will be recognized collectively,

  • 1st - $75
  • 2nd - $50
  • 3rd - $25

WEEK 3 - Monday, May 11th - Friday, May 15th - Please email completed tasks to [email protected] for this week by Wednesday, May 20th!

  • Design a 3 hole mini golf course in your home (use facebook post link s reference (15 points - only once)
  • Let us know how much you love First Tee of South Central Wisconsin AND what your favorite task has been thus far (5 sentences minimum - 20 points)
  • Who is your favorite professional golfer and why  (3-5 sentences - 5 points)
  • Do the golf ball water density challenge (YouTube Video: Density Investigation - Do golf balls float? -10 points)
  • Play nine holes of golf and take a photo of your scorecard (10 points)
  • Leap frog putting at home (5 points)
  • Golf move/ book, healthy meal/ snack, core value, thank you card opportunities, and 4 circuit workout from previous weeks

WEEK 2 -  Monday, May 4th - Friday, May 8th - Please email completed tasks to [email protected] for this week by Wednesday, May 13th!

  • Create a 4 work out circuit for your quarantine group/ family.  (Ex - push-ups for 1 minute, jumping jacks for 1 minute, ab activity for 1 minute, running in place for 1 minute with a 1 minutes break in between each - complete 3-4 rounds - 15 points)
  • Get creative and decorate/ create your own quarantined face mask - (use fabric or paper for creativity) (5 points - only one max)
  • Share with us your favorite golf memory (must be at least 3 sentences - 5 points max)
  • What is your favorite golf tournament  (3-5 sentences - 5 points max)
  • Sanitize and clean all of your golf equipment - balls, gloves, club handles, etc. (5 points - 5 extra points for before and after pics - 10 points total)
  • Send a video of your best golf trick shot (5 points for an attempt, 5 extra points if you make it to your goal, and 5 extra points for most creative! - 10 points max with 15 max for winner)
  • Golf move/ book, healthy meal/ snack, core value, virtual Learning Center, golf course design, and thank you card opportunities from previous week

WEEK 1: Monday, April 27th- Friday, May 1st

  • Watch a golf movie/ read a golf book (1 of each per week and 5 points for each movie/ book - 10 points max per week)
  • Make a healthy meal/ snack for your family and/or quarantined group. (Snack = 5 points/ meal = 10 points. Can do one meal and one snack per week - 15 points max per week)
  • Design/ Draw a 3 hole golf course with sand traps and water hazards.  Do not forget to name your course (10 points - one per week - most creative name will get a bonus 5 points - 15 points max)
  • How long does it take you to hit a cup 5 times in a row putting from 6 feet?  Set up a plastic/ paper cup - measure or estimate 6 feet (2 yards) away and go! (5 points for attempt and bonus 10 points for person with fastest time! Take a photo of your timer and send it in for proof to the email address listed above.)
  • Pitching outside into a bucket from 10-15 yards (15 points max -once per week)
  • Juggle with a wedge 5 times (10 points max - once per week)
  • Pick a core value and write 3 - 5 sentences as to which one has been most important to you during the quarantine period thus far (10 points - one per week)
  • Make a thank you card to local nurses/ doctors - 5 points for making it and 10 points for mailing it ( 5 per week max - must have photo of stamp and address for extra 10 points)
  • Go to First Tee of South Central Wisconsin’s virtual Learning Center and sign up to get help with your homework/ schoolwork.  Available M-F / 9AM - 5PM. (20 points each day - can go up to 5 times per week. 100 pts max/ week. Log your hours and send to [email protected] so we can verify with Mr. Nate!)